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The Foundation of Healing is Firmly Rooted in Our Humanity

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Humanity comes from the Latin word ‘humanitas’ which means human nature or kindness. Humanity is the quality of being humane or being able to love, and to be kind and compassionate. Compassion comes from a heart that knows how to ease suffering. We all know on some level how to ease suffering. It is a part of who we all are as human beings. Compassion is our shared humanity. Expressing care and compassion is the foundation of healing. We need compassion to heal.

Expressing feelings and emotions is a basic and fundamental part of our human experience. In 1872, Charles Darwin, in The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals argued that our human expressions of emotion were innate and universal. Darwin also had a compassionate view of human nature in The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex. Human nature is not all about ‘survival of the fittest’ despite this prevalent belief. Humanity is about our most virtuous qualities that define who we are as human beings.

The foundation of healing:

  • We need kindness and compassion to heal.
  • Emotional Intelligence is not the same thing as emotional healing. Emotional healing is about giving yourself permission to release and express emotions, particularly those emotions that have been suppressed. Emotional suppression is bad for your health. Learning how to tolerate emotions is necessary to healing. You can only do this effectively when you are able to listen and empathize with your body and when you learn to really be kind and compassionate with yourself.
  • Trauma is an emotional response to a traumatic event. It requires emotional healing and emotional support. In order to heal from traumatic experiences, emotions need to be expressed and released without shame and judgment. Trauma requires a compassionate response.
  • Grief and mourning are universal experiences to pain and loss. We need to give ourselves and others permission to grieve without shaming or judging. This can only be done in a culture that embodies compassion. Listening with the heart or compassionate listening helps us to not judge, shame, or blame, and helps us to connect with ourselves and with others in a genuine and compassionate way.
  • Something can always be done to ease suffering. Compassion is the true healer.

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