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Politics Has No Place In The Healing Realm

Psychology has become the weapon of choice these days. It is being inappropriately used as a way to explain away all bad behavior instead of naming it for what it is. Lacking in humanity does not equate with having a health condition or a mental health issue. Being prejudiced, discriminatory, racist, sexist, or misogynistic are not signs and symptoms of a mental health condition or of someone who is suffering. Having a health condition equates with suffering.

You cannot use mental health as a tool to justify calling into question a person's character simply because you don't like their behavior, mannerisms, personality, use of language, religion, philosophy, way of life, or politics, even if you are a mental health expert. Calling someone mentally ill to justify why you believe they are unfit or incompetent at their job is an unethical misuse of your own privileged position in this world. You are contributing to a culture of shame and stigma that runs rampant in our society, and you are doing a great disservice to the millions of people with health conditions who are suffering from the effects of such proclamations.

The rare and extreme exceptions to the rule are almost always sensationalized. We have a collective fascination with those who lack humanity. And, for the most part, that lack of humanity is the point of contention, despite the inappropriate use and misuse of psychological jargon aimed at anyone and everyone who is or who might be suffering from a health condition.

How we deal with the suffering of others is a matter of humanity. Suffering is the key word. When someone suffers as a result of a health condition, and we collectively shame and stigmatize people for having a health condition, we cannot call ourselves a compassionate or humane society. Politics has no place in the healing realm. Compassion is the only appropriate human response to those who are suffering. Period.

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