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Go Easy on Yourself

Healing is a Process

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If healing and overcoming were as easy as some would have you believe, there would not be millions suffering from chronic health conditions. You don’t have to put unnecessary pressure on yourself while you are healing. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. Go easy on yourself. Healing is a process.

Telling yourself to just be positive when you are not feeling well is like telling yourself to walk on a broken leg without a cast. More helpful is to find ways to really care for and nurture yourself so that you can feel better. Your spirits will naturally lift as a result of taking really good care of yourself.

What can you do to feel better?

  • If you can, walk. Walking is always good for the soul. It helps to lift your energy and spirits.
  • Listen to music and move your body, however you do that.
  • Be in nature.
  • Treat yourself.
  • Curl up with a good book. 
  • Read inspirational thoughts.
  • Have a bath.
  • Write.
  • Allow yourself to feel and express your emotions.
  • Find soothing and comforting things to wrap around your body.
  • Find a reason to smile.

Kind thoughts help you to feel better about yourself – speak them often. Convey these to yourself with much care and compassion. Go easy and go gently. Healing is a process.

Healing Thoughts and Affirmations:

  1.  “I give myself a break”
  2. “I care for myself deeply”
  3. “I am deserving and worthy of healing and feeling better”
  4. “I am patient and kind with myself”
  5. “I value myself”
  6. “I love and accept myself just as I am”
  7. “I allow myself to relax and be at ease”
  8. “I allow myself the time I need to rest”
  9. “I matter”
  10. “I care for myself”

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