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Everyday Self Care - The Gift You Give Yourself

· Self-Care

Some people think that if you focus on yourself that you must somehow be selfish or self-centered. I can assure you that that thought couldn’t be further from the truth. We need to be kind to ourselves. We need to look after ourselves. We need to know ourselves in order to be and stay healthy. We need to know what food is good for our body. We need to know what kind of exercise works best to help us feel good. We need to know when to rest. We need to know how to nurture ourselves. We need to know how to find peace and relaxation every day. If we don’t incorporate self-care practices into our lives, we don’t feel good. That’s the simple truth.

If you incorporate a kind and caring practice into your routine every day, you will have created a life that feels good to you even during times of stress. You practice self-care because it helps you to feel good, and it helps you to live your life with more care, kindness, and compassion.

Give yourself the gift of everyday self-care practices: make your favorite breakfast; take a different route to work; listen to your favorite music; meditate and be still every day; take short walking breaks throughout the day; sip on your favorite tea; do yoga stretches every morning; find something to be grateful for; laugh often; find something you like about yourself everyday; enjoy the sunshine; be kind and gentle with yourself; create little rituals that you can look forward to every day; try to let go of something every day that is keeping you from being happy and peaceful; allow yourself to feel; and replace negative self-talk with kindness and compassion.

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