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  • A Compassionate Response to Trauma

    The effects of trauma can have such long-term and devastating implications. Many trauma-related conditions such as post-traumatic stress are exacerbated by the effects of shame. Many don't get the help they need because of the associated stigma. Trauma requires a collective, compassionate response toward anyone who is suffering, regardless of how they suffered. Compassion is both the healing remedy to suffering, and the solution to ending health stigma.

  • Resolving Anxiety and the Effects of Trauma for Good

    By utilizing a holistic approach to self-healing, you can overcome anxiety for good. Sylvia offers her insights and experiences on how she overcame severe anxiety and the effects of trauma caused by a traumatic injury by utilizing this self-healing approach.

  • Healing Thoughts and Affirmations

    A free short collection of thoughts to inspire & promote healing.

  • Healing Thoughts and Affirmations 2

    A free short collection of thoughts to inspire & promote healing.

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