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    Welcome to my blog.

    I write about compassion, health stigma, holistic health and healing, holistic thinking, self-healing, mind-body approaches, trauma, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, self-care, and self-compassion.


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    A Compassionate Response to Trauma

    The effects of trauma can have such long-term and devastating implications. Many trauma-related conditions such as post-traumatic stress are exacerbated by the effects of shame. Many don't get the help they need because of the associated stigma. Trauma requires a collective, compassionate response toward anyone who is suffering. Compassion is both the healing remedy to suffering and the solution to ending health stigma.

    Resolving Anxiety and the Effects of Trauma for Good

    You can overcome anxiety for good by utilizing a holistic approach to self-healing. Sylvia offers her insights and experiences on how she overcame severe anxiety and the effects of trauma caused by a traumatic injury by utilizing this holistic self-healing approach.

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    3 free short collections to inspire and promote healing

    Healing Thoughts and Affirmations

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